Where to ride in Lowick

A new era of riding has begun, and it is easy to see why. If you have not tried an electric bike yet, then you need to come to us and have a go.

No longer are electric bikes, big and clunky, only used for older riders. Electric bikes are now something for everyone, with bikes ranging from the commuter to the full suspension long travel electric such as the Mondraker Crafty. They give you control in your riding, allow you to go much further distances and give an even playing field to a group. You control the amount of assistance the bike gives you, and control the amount of effort you wish to put in.

With all the advantages it is difficult to describe why you would not want to try an electric bike!

What we offer…

Electric E-Hybrid, E-Mountain and E-Road are available from our base in Lowick. If you are visiting Ulverston, and fancy an explore without the hassle of a car, then our Lowick base has a vast selection of hybrid electric bikes for you to try. These bikes are designed with roads and basic dirt tracks in mind and are perfect for exploring the South lakes peninsular and beyond into Grizedale Forest.

Hardtail and Full Suspension E-Mountain Bikes. These mega bikes allow you to explore the Lake District like nothing else. Take them onto the North Face Trail or Bridleways of the forest or take them into the mountains for a mammoth biking session – they can do it all, and make a good day out an even better one.