The GMB Sculpture Trail

Distance: 14 miles

Time: Approximately 3 hrs

Difficulty: Moderate (Good fitness required)

Are you wanting to see as many sculptures as possible?

Do you feel the best way to do this is on a bike?

Here at Grizedale Mountain Bikes we have designed a route that will allow you to see as many sculptures as possible from the bike trails. Unfortunaltely at the moment this is not a signposted trail, so you will require a good amount of navigational skills to follow it.

The route description…

From the centre head onto the main road turning right and follow until you reach Boggle Crag car park. Watch out for Ting by Colin Rose on your left just after the main carpark.

Follow the purple and black signposts into the forest and up the big hill. You may be able to find Light Column by Charles Bray, The Seers Well by Belle Shafir and Cloak of Seasons by Walter Bailey before you reach the top of the climb.

Continue following the purple and black markers (to the left of the trail) on a relatively flat section passing under some of Go Apes Tree Top Trek and also looking out for Concrete Country by Lucy Tomlins on your left.

Continue straight on following Orange and Black trail markers and watch out for the Red Sandstone Fox by Gordon Young on your left. (Make sure you take a photo with the Fox!)

Continue following the gravel trail and the orange and black markers around the east side of the forest. You should pass Some Fern by Kerry Morrison, Romeo by Rupert Ackroyd and Owen Bullet, Living Space by Petre Nikolski, A flower in Flower by Kier Smith, Taking a wall for a walk by Andy Goldsworthy.

(At the junction you can take an optional right hand turn to visit Touch stone by Gregory Scott-Gurner. Head back to the junction after visiting this sculpture.)

At the junction follow the Orange trail To blind lane car park. You will pass Stone Forest by Kimio Tsuchiya if you take a small detour on the left.

Follow the Orange trail along the narrow road, being careful with the cars.

Pass Her Insistent Stream by Hilary Cartmel on your left near the waterfall as you climb up the road.

Take the 2nd left hand turn…More to follow