Green Trail – Hawkshead Moor Trail

Distance: 10.5 miles

Time: Approximately 2.5hrs

Difficulty: Moderate (Good fitness level required)

This is our favourite and most recommended route.

It circles the west side of the forest over 10.5 miles and takes approximately 2.5hrs of riding. The trail is all on the forest gravel tracks around the forest, and has some long uphills, but equally fun downhills.

We recommend completing this trail in an anti-clockwise direction. Setting off from the centre, follow the signs through the first field then turn RIGHT at the cattle-grid heading up “the big hill”, to moor top. Follow the trail north with some steep up hills and downhill’s and some fantastic views over the fells all around. Watch out for the left hand turn away from High Cross car park, at the top of this hill the trees thin and you get the best view in the forest – overlooking Coniston and the Fells beyond. This is also the sign that you are about to start the mainly downhill section, which heads around the outside of Carron Crag and back to the centre.

In the opposite direction this trail also runs parallel to the North Face trail if your group wishes to split and follow the two separate trails whilst still riding sections together!