The “Black” Trail

Riding the Black Trail in Grizedale Forest
This is a very technical trail only to be undertaken by very experienced riders. You must be riding a full suspension Hire bike to attempt this trail. It is described by British cycling as, “you should expect to come across unavoidable trail features such as jumps and drop-offs that are not rollable at slow speeds. High levels of fitness are also required as you don’t want to be pushed to your limits physically when your technical riding skills are being challenged.”

This section can easily be looped to hone your lines or ridden as part of longer ride incorporating the North Face trail and bridleways.

The “black” trail at Grizedale is a short descent (It takes about 2 minutes to descend) starting after the first section on the North Face Trail. It has a range of doubles, triples, step downs, berms and small drops.