Alternative Route to the GMBC

This is a very long and technical single track trail

Distance: 30 miles

Time: Approximately 4 hrs +

Difficulty: Difficult (Long, technical riding, with steep technical climbs and technical descents)

As many of you looking at this route will know, we had unfortunately to cancel the GMBC 2017.

But as promised we have put together this route which takes you through many of the same trails as the GMBC route would have taken, plus a few more!

It is a nice long trail, with even more climbing than the GMBC! But it will take a wee bit of navigation on your part, as remember there will be no taped markers and signage is limited! Therefore please remember, you are riding at your own risk, with a good chance of getting a wee bit lost (though hopefully not too lost!). It is a as much single track as we could pack into a route, as well as road sections and some gravel track.

It is technical and physically demanding route, but can be cut short in several places if you want to. For any more information on this route or any others please pop into the shop and the staff will be happy to talk you through it.

A very brief description of the route:

Begin at Grizedale Mountain Bikes, head out following the main trails. Follow the first section on the North Face trail, and the second section. Once on the gravel track, you reach a junction – Keep straight on here for a short techy climb. Turn right, then turn right on the gravel. Join the main track turning left. At the top of the hill you will see a track on the left with 2 boulders either side of the trail and a big wooden signpost to Parkamoor. Turn left here. Follow the track, to a random building, a short steep uphill and then turn left (nearly back on yourself). Follow this till the junction. Follow the bridleway straight on, another gravel track go straight on again, and the next gravel track go straight on. You hit the main road, turn left. Remember to stop at the pub for lunch or a pint! In Satterthwaite take the left hand junction and climb up the steep hill (Breasty Haw). Cross the gravel track and head straight on, cross the gravel track and descend to the main road (Great wood). At the road turn left, take the next left up the bridleway into the forest. Join the gravel track and go right. Follow the bridleway around Grizedale Tarn. Join the gravel track and turn right. Watch for the big stone fox sculpture. Turn Right down the byway at the Fox. At the main road turn left then right at the junction. Take the next left, keeping the lake on your left side. At the junction (Hill top) turn right, and follow the road to Far Sawrey. After the pub on the left side, turn left following the track behind the pub. Follow this up and over the hill, and down to the lake. When you reach the lake turn left and follow the quiet road until a cobbled track on the left side. Climb the cobbles. At the top follow the bridleway markers and decend to the outskirts of Hawkshead. Turn left as you joing the road.Turn right at the junction, Right again. Take the second turning into Hawkshead. Follow the bridleway on the left (after the pub), climb up this steep climb. Join the gravel track turnong left, then take the north Face trail on the left. Follow the blue and Orange signs, turning left onto the gravel track. Pass the green trail on the right, then take the next right. Pass Goosey Foot Tarn on the quiet gravel track. Join the main trail and turn left.Take the next left up the quiet gravel track (this would have been one of the timed sections!). Take the right hand track at the end (slightly overgrown trail) and drop onto the gravel track. Straight across this and follow it down past the quary. Turn left and follow the gravel back to the main gravel track. Turn right. Turn right down the signposted bridleway to the road. Turn left. Take the next left up Lawsons Park Bridleway. Follow this to the top. Turn left onto the gravel. At the junction turn right following orange signs, then turn left following the bridleway (On strava called the Bacon Slicer and all the trimmings!). At the bottom turn left up the fire track, until the right hand turn for the last section on the North Face trail. Turn down here and do the final descent to finish. This should bring you back to the visitors center.